LD-1 Walk-around

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Light armored ATV kits with specific utility

- A Breakthrough in fast, mobile, transformable ballistic protection
- Built in the USA, a sturdy, laser cut, steel exoskeleton frame designed to ROP safety standards is utilized as the base for ballistic armor panels.
- Ballistic protection on all sides (NIJ III) (stops up to AK47, 7.62 round)
- Light weight, replaceable ballistic panels (takes just minutes to install)
- Significantly improving human and asset survivability
- Maximize portability, ballistic capability in order to maximize situational utility
- (See “LD Kit Construction” Below)


- Police & SWAT
- Private Safety & Security Groups
- Border Patrol & Homeland Security
- Civilian Personal Protection
- Military, War Fighter


- Much higher ballistic protection in a wide variety of situations
- Higher utility through modular design and the utilization of common ATVs
- Strong value case allows wide customer base domestically and globally
- It is affordable, portable while providing situational utility / mobility

LD Kit Construction:

- The core of the LD is its Modular Exoskeleton, constructed of laser cut steel with a durable powder coat finish.
- Replaceable, Light Ballistic Materials (black panels) are integrated to create the LD Kit.
- The LD Kit Fits onto a common Utility ATV as the “host vehicle”.
- The LD Kit mounts to the ATV to create the LD-1 series (single rider)
- The LD Kit system is easily installed or removed in 3 modules or as a complete assembly.

Safer Zones

The green areas show these “safer zones”, creating a cone around the vehicle that comes to a point at the operator’s heart. The cone is NIJ III protection material.

This design provides an extraordinary improvement in ballistic protection for both personnel and assets.